Flight free belgium



The great thing, when you quit flying, is that you get to be more creative and find alternative ways to get to your destination. It allows you to stop by places you would have never considered before, see more of the landscape and be more comfortable. Also, you can say goodbye to long security checks and weight/liquid restrictions! It gives you so much more freedom!

Also, let’s not forget that humans used to travel way before planes were even invented!



Trains in Europe are, most of the time, very green and energy efficient. The Eurostar and Thalys are awesome options if you want to travel to our neighbouring countries, and they are way more comfortable!



They have become so much better, cheaper, greener and convenient in the past few years! Companies such as Flixbus have over 2.000 destinations that you can chose from and use very carbon efficient coaches, and also offer a carbon offsetting option.



Cruise boats and some big ferries are at least as bad as planes, so we definitely do not encourage you to take them! However, you can do your research depending on your destination, and find some very green options. Of course, the best of all option is sailing. If the winds are with you, you won’t create any emissions, and will get to live an incredible experience, as close to nature as you could imagine!



Obviously, driving a car on your own is extremely bad for the environment. However, if you fill up a car by sharing it with other passengers, it makes it a pretty good option! However, emissions from car drastically vary depending on the car itself.


Legs, bicycles and other pleasant engine-free transportation modes

I don’t think there’s much more to add to this! Get creative, challenge yourself and enjoy life on a whole other level!